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At Rubberized we cover all you asphalt needs from seal coating to pot holes, patching and crack sealer we cover all your maintenance needs.

Rubberized crack sealer is the best product to protect your asphalt and here’s why;


    When water gets into cracks in the asphalt, it can erode the foundation


    When water freezes and thaws it forms potholes


    When cracks in the asphalt get big enough, dirt can collect and allow weeds to grow

    If you have noticed cracks forming in your asphalt, you’re going need driveway crack sealer. Fixing cracks with a hot applied Rubberized crack sealer before they can turn into potholes is one of the wisest things you can do for your property or business, saving you money by extending the life of your asphalt.

    What is hot rubberized crack sealer

    Hot rubberized crack sealant is a flexible, commercial-grade product used to repair cracks in asphalt. It begins as a solid, rubbery block, but is melted into liquid and applied into a crack. This liquid then hardens and prevents moisture from penetrating the asphalt.

      What causes cracks to form?

      There are a few different reasons why cracks form in asphalt:

      • A poor foundation
      • Not putting down a thick enough layer of asphalt
      • Putting down a layer that’s too thick
      • Improperly blended asphalt
      • Tree roots
      • The freeze/thaw cycle
      • Earth movement
      • Heavy vehicles

      Water will enter the asphalt’s foundation if cracks are left unchecked, leading to further damage. Regular driveway maintenance is critical to extending the life of your asphalt, so be sure to repair all cracks with asphalt crack sealer.

      How do I know when to repair?

      Asphalt deterioration can become apparent rather quickly following a stretch of snowy or icy weather, as thawing and freezing can cause blacktop to crack or crumble. This is especially true on driveways that haven’t been properly seal-coated The best way to deal with cracks is to fill them in as they appear. Putting off this work will only cause more damage and could lead to you spending even more money to replace your asphalt.

      Using hot rubberized driveway crack sealer

      Fixing cracks in your asphalt with a hot applied Rubberized crack sealer will extend your pavement surface’s life expectancy by up to 50 percent, at a cost that’s much lower than what you’d pay for asphalt patching or reconstruction.

      How it works

      Like with many jobs, the most important part of applying a hot rubberized driveway crack sealer is the preparation. To get the longest lasting repair, the crack seal needs a clean, solid area to which to stick. Any debris or weeds in the crack will degrade the repair.

      we use a hot applied Rubberized crack sealer from a which is heated to 350-400 degrees to ensure that the sealant will penetrate deep into the crack – and the walls of the crack – to ensure a superior bond.

      If you’d like to know more about our asphalt driveway crack repair capabilities, contact Rubberized. We’ve spent more than 20 years helping homeowners and businesses in Alberta maintain their driveways, and we look forward to demonstrating what we can do for your home or business

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