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Red Deer’s tough weather is incredibly hard on flat roofs, rain, snow, and ice slowly cause damage creating cracks. Don’t get wrecked, get rubberized. We’ll use our 20+ years of experience to make to properly install or repair your flat roof. Or ask us about resistant rubberized flat roofs.

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Protecting Red Deer, Stettler, Ponoka, Sylvan Lake, Lacombe, Blackfalds From Alberta’s Harsh Weather

What Are Flat Roofs Made Of?

A flat roof can be made from a combination of tar and gravel, much like asphalt or bitumen. These surfaces when applied correctly, are water resistant and strong enough to withstand damage from hail and other forms of severe weathering.

Now, there is another solution – rubberized roofing. Due to Alberta’s tough weather and chinooks, our rubberized roofing solution is a perfect fit. They are stronger and more resistant to weathering, mold, cracking, ice, and more. Beyond increased durability, the benefits of a rubberized seal are that we can apply it to any flat roof and it comes with a 20-year warranty.

Why  Should I Choose A Rubber Flat Roof?

Rubberized roofing is more suitable for extreme weather conditions than traditional felt or bitumen-based materials. The benefit is that the synthetic rubber seal works wonders for preventing cracks from forming, and does not support the growth of moss. You can almost guarantee that your roof will stay clear of mold and moss.

Don’t Let Your Property Get Wrecked Get Rubberized

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Learn More About Flat Roofing Materials

At one point, a combination of tar and gravel was used on flat roofs to prevent water from penetrating the surface — then it was realized that these materials make a roof susceptible to sagging and, as an extension, pooling. You can imagine the challenges Canada’s harsh climate can pose for flat roofing and its materials.

To combat our less than favourable weather, we specialize in Flexible Rubberized flat roofing materials. These are the main materials that we use in our flat roofing

  • Metal– We offer quality metal roofing thanks to our access to top-notch metal materials. Flat metal roofs are known to be durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and eco-friendly. The latter is because metal roofs tend to be made up of recycled materials that can be re-recycled.

Flat roofing materials generally cost less than that of traditional sloped roofs. That being said, that’s not at the sacrifice of quality. Advanced technologies have helped our Calgary roofing company to identify flat roofing materials that are durable and long-lasting. Flat roofing is cost-effective because it ultimately requires fewer materials, is easy to maintain, lasts long, saves space and is easily customizable. It also boasts lower labour

We Keep Water Flow in Mind

Despite these benefits, many are skeptical about flat roofing because it doesn’t drain like traditional sloped roofs. People fear pooling water, which is why we install flat roofs on a subtle gradient to ensure that this doesn’t happen. We also use strong, resistant materials to help roofs combat water damage.

Why You Should Work With Rubberized Ltd

We understand that getting a new roof can be quite stressful, which is why we have streamlined our roof installation process over the last 20 years. We are dedicated to making it as easy a process as possible.

As a family-run business, it’s important for us to keep things simple and remove the middle man. That means, unlike other flat roofing companies, our services are very reasonably priced.

Furthermore, you are dealing with us directly, not a subcontractor. This means that we can offer you a warranty of over 20 years with any new flat roof installation or repair that we perform.


Our customers and their comfort matter to us. We’re always happy to hear about their positive experiences with our Rubberized roofing company.

Our flat roof was leaking and Rubberized was able to quicklly get a new rubberized seal applied. I think we avoided a lot of damage because of it.

Kavil Landon Avatar Kavil Landon

George and his crew saved us by fixing a massive crack in our flat roof. It was starting to leak and cause a lot of damage

Barbaray Mclean Avatar Barbaray Mclean

We Do Work Across Red Deer, Stettler, Ponoka, Sylvan Lake, Lacombe, Blackfalds

Whether you are looking to install a new flat roof, need to seal a leaky roof, or Rubberized an old roof we are happy to help. Our roofing crews travel throughout all of Central Alberta, meaning if you are in Red Deer, Stettler or beyond we can help you.


Three Reasons Why You Should Hire Us To Work On Your Flat Roof

We’re Experienced

For over 12 years we have been installing rubber flat roofs in Red Deer, as well as applying rubberized seal coatings to help protect your property.

We Warranty our Work

There are a lot of companies that come and go, and as such offering, a warranty doesn’t mean anything. But, for Rubberized, we’ve been around for over 12 years so you can depend on the fact that we’ll honor our warranties.

We Know Red Deer’s Climate

Having lived here for decades, we understand how unpredictable and quickly changing Red Deer’s climate can be. That’s why we make sure to take that in account when working on any property and provide our clients with the knowledge they need to protect their investments against weathering.

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